Tokens by economic activity

The crypto economy continues its relentless expansion, encompassing the traditional world of cryptocurrencies and its enterprise offshoot, the blockchain phenomenon.

What is a token Economy

Tokenomics consists of two words “Token” and “Economics.”

Tokenomics is the quality of a token which will convince users/investors to adopt it and help build the ecosystem around the underlying project of that token.

Ecosystem and Tokenomics explained

Ecosystem aims to create a decentralized network that does not rely on any individual, organization and structure. It will run autonomously. Everything is decentralized.
To achieve this goal, the underlying ‘currency’ (Coin) within the network has to be decentralized in terms of the distribution, allocation, control, circulation and generation.
Coin will be the lubricator and connector to facilitate the operation of Ecosystem. It is also the native coin of the Function X blockchain and its ecosystem.

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Tokenomics: how the blockchain is changing the economy

Tokenomics – “token” and “economy” – is a fairly broad topic based on the quality of a token, the company representation value asset on blockchain, which users and the community adopt, contributing to build the ecosystem around the underlying project of the token.
In other words, tokenomics can also be defined as the adoption of a token within an ecosystem in such a way that users use it (that’s why utility token) to exchange goods and services within that ecosystem, circulating the token.
In essence, it is about creating a new form of relationship and engagement with customers, partners, suppliers and other market players, enhancing the aspects of their project represented by assets or tokens.
Starting from Bitcoin’s original peer-to-peer model, today companies can adopt blockchain technology beyond just the payment system, focusing on the use of their token in more complex and also eco-sustainable ecosystems.

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